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Embroidered dress "Ancestors’ Energy" ("Enerhiia predkiv")

In grandmothers’ chests there are not just circles, rhombus, branches and spirals, these are unique ..

7 200грн. 2 400грн.

Embroidered dress "Dandelion Root"

Warm green velor (velvet) and a cross-stitch technique ... This embroidered dress will add good mood..

8 100грн. 2 700грн.

Embroidered dress "Hot Chocolate"

Sometimes everything you need for a good mood - friendly parties, warm conversations, a cup of hot c..

7 800грн. 2 800грн.

Embroidered dress "Juicy Cherry"

Once you have tried the cherry, you would remember its bright and juicy taste for a lifetime. With o..

8 400грн. 2 800грн.

Embroidered dress "Two colors"

Crosses on an orange and black velvet embroidered dress ... The words are superfluous. Just try on a..

8 400грн. 2 800грн.

Embroidered dress Terracotta

The colour of this dress looks not only very natural and calm but at the same time stylish and energ..

8 100грн. 2 700грн.

Embroidered dress “Winter”

In ancient times, it was believed that if you see a snowbird it will lead to love and a happy life. ..

7 800грн. 3 600грн.

Embroidered dress"Green chic"

White crosses on a green velor of an embroidered dress - definitely chic. Try on, please!Embroidery ..

7 800грн. 2 800грн.

Embroidered shirt “Medova”

Sunny and warm orange colour causes bright emotions, like our embroidered shirt.Embroidery technique..

4 200грн. 1 400грн.

Embroidered shirt "Flower Garden"

Women's embroidery "Flower Garden" is covered with beads. Housewarming canvas emphasizes colors, and..

10 800грн. 3 600грн.

Embroidered shirt "Individuality"

Almost every Ukrainian woman has her own recipe for borscht. In addition, every woman combines style..

8 700грн. 2 900грн.

Embroidered shirt "Light Spring"

Do you remember the first rays when snow is still drowning, but spring is already in the air?  ..

3 600грн. 1 200грн.

Embroidered shirt "Office Style"

Embroidered crosses on burgundy velvet look beautiful, comfortable and stylish. This embroidered shi..

2 700грн. 900грн.

Embroidered shirt "Stylish Hutsulka"

We are sure that Ukrainian clothes can and should be stylish so that every Ukrainian woman felt conf..

10 800грн. 3 600грн.

Embroidered suit "Coquette"

There are moments when you just need to conquer someone's heart. There is clothes like our embroider..

6 900грн. 2 300грн.

Embroidered suit "True Spring"

In the woman’s soul spring can occur at any time of the year: with flowers, birds singing, good mood..

4 200грн. 1 400грн.

Embroidered suit “Snowbirds”

Seeing a snowbird leads to happiness and love. We thought that happiness and love were never too muc..

7 500грн. 2 500грн.

Вишивана сукня “Ще більше натхнення”

У цій вишиваній сукні поєднані неймовірна текстура оксамиту та витонченість вишивки. Біла нитка візе..

10 200грн. 3 400грн.

Вишиване плаття “Акцент”

Плаття з рясною вишивкою на рожевому льоні, безсумнівно, займе особливе місце у вашому гардеробі.&nb..

8 100грн. 2 700грн.

Вишиване плаття “Легкість”

Відчуття свободи, легкості, молодості — ось основні характеристики цього плаття. А ще, звісно, італі..

7 200грн. 3 400грн.