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Embroidered shirt "Morning sky"

While looking at the sky we can find answers to all questions. If you wear this embroidery, you'll f..

2 600грн.

Embroidered shirt "Gentle touch"

There is something we can never forget: mom's lullaby, daddy's strong hands and the first gentle tou..

2 400грн.

Embroidered shirt "Office Style"

Embroidered crosses on burgundy velvet look beautiful, comfortable and stylish. This embroidered shi..

1 800грн.

Embroidered shirt "Exquisite Taste"

Stresses (emphasizes) woman’s waist and neck. Adds sophistication and elegance. All in one embroider..

4 400грн.

Embroidered shirt "Stylish Hutsulka"

We are sure that Ukrainian clothes can and should be stylish so that every Ukrainian woman felt conf..

7 200грн.

Embroidered shirt "Individuality"

Almost every Ukrainian woman has her own recipe for borscht. In addition, every woman combines style..

5 800грн.

Embroidered shirt "Light Spring"

Do you remember the first rays when snow is still drowning, but spring is already in the air?  ..

2 400грн.

Embroidered shirt "Warm Night"

A warm starry night in the mountains, a flame of the fire, delicious Carpathian tea. There are momen..

2 600грн.

Embroidered shirt "Harmony"

The red color is warming, protecting, inspiring, and it also symbolizes the strengthening of the fam..

2 600грн.

Embroidered shirt “Medova”

Sunny and warm orange colour causes bright emotions, like our embroidered shirt.Embroidery technique..

2 800грн.

Embroidered shirt "Happy"

True Woman is a Happy Woman! And in the stylish embroidered shirt "Happy", from a home-made cloth, s..

2 200грн.

Embroidered shirt "Rose"

This women's embroidery "Rose" is a good combination of colors, the faultlessness of the canvas, the..

2 600грн.

Embroidered shirt "Lightness"

A combination of white linen and cream thread instead of multi-color. A lattice instead of a cross. ..

4 800грн.

Embroidered shirt "Flower Garden"

Women's embroidery "Flower Garden" is covered with beads. Housewarming canvas emphasizes colors, and..

7 200грн.

Embroidered shirt"Gutsulka"

This embroidered shirt adds festive mood and can be organically combined with modern things, creatin..

1 300грн.