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Embroidered shirt "Morning sky"

While looking at the sky we can find answers to all questions. If you wear this embroidery, you'll f..

3 900грн.

Embroidered shirt "Gentle touch"

There is something we can never forget: mom's lullaby, daddy's strong hands and the first gentle tou..

3 600грн.

Embroidered shirt "Office Style"

Embroidered crosses on burgundy velvet look beautiful, comfortable and stylish. This embroidered shi..

2 700грн.

Embroidered shirt "Exquisite Taste"

Stresses (emphasizes) woman’s waist and neck. Adds sophistication and elegance. All in one embroider..

6 600грн.

Embroidered shirt "Stylish Hutsulka"

We are sure that Ukrainian clothes can and should be stylish so that every Ukrainian woman felt conf..

3 800грн.

Embroidered shirt "Individuality"

Almost every Ukrainian woman has her own recipe for borscht. In addition, every woman combines style..

8 700грн.

Embroidered shirt "Light Spring"

Do you remember the first rays when snow is still drowning, but spring is already in the air?  ..

3 900грн.

Embroidered shirt "Warm Night"

A warm starry night in the mountains, a flame of the fire, delicious Carpathian tea. There are momen..

3 900грн.

Embroidered shirt "Harmony"

The red color is warming, protecting, inspiring, and it also symbolizes the strengthening of the fam..

3 900грн.

Embroidered shirt “Medova”

Sunny and warm orange colour causes bright emotions, like our embroidered shirt.Embroidery technique..

4 200грн.

Embroidered shirt "Happy"

True Woman is a Happy Woman! And in the stylish embroidered shirt "Happy", from a home-made cloth, s..

3 300грн.

Embroidered shirt "Rose"

This women's embroidery "Rose" is a good combination of colors, the faultlessness of the canvas, the..

3 900грн.

Embroidered shirt "Lightness"

A combination of white linen and cream thread instead of multi-color. A lattice instead of a cross. ..

7 200грн.

Embroidered shirt "Flower Garden"

Women's embroidery "Flower Garden" is covered with beads. Housewarming canvas emphasizes colors, and..

10 800грн.

Embroidered shirt"Gutsulka"

This embroidered shirt adds festive mood and can be organically combined with modern things, creatin..

1 950грн.

Embroidered shirt "Flower Paradise"

Flowers are always associated with beauty, love, tenderness, inspiration. Embroidered shirt (Vyshyva..

1 950грн.

Embroidered shirt "Sunny Day"

Women's Ukrainian embroidery "Sunny Day" - for those who are tired of casual shirts with typical orn..

3 450грн.

Embroidered shirt "Adoration"

Fabric, motifs, sewing ... everything in this list points to love and symbolizes a real embroidered ..

3 150грн.

Embroidered shirt "Classic"

Black thread, a home-made cloth is a decisive feature of the classical style. It will fit perfectly ..

3 375грн.

Embroidered shirt "The End of the Sky"

The combination of the colour of a home-made cloth and embroidered cross-stitch patterns on a women'..

4 725грн.