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Embroidered dress "Mint Flavor" ("Prysmak miaty")

The one who has ever felt a pleasant smell of mint will never forget it. That is the case with our e..

4 800грн.

Embroidered suit "White & Black"

For a business meeting, for a romantic date, or just for leisure. This embroidered suit is incredibl..

4 800грн.

Embroidered suit "Mavka"

Embroidered suit "Mavka" is an incredible combination of a classic skirt and a blouse, which is embr..

4 800грн.

Embroidered dress "Passion" ("Prystrast’")

Embroidered dress "Passion" ("Prystrast’") is for those who are tired of white embroidered dresses w..

4 400грн.

Embroidered shirt "Morning sky"

While looking at the sky we can find answers to all questions. If you wear this embroidery, you'll f..

2 600грн.

Embroidered shirt "Gentle touch"

There is something we can never forget: mom's lullaby, daddy's strong hands and the first gentle tou..

2 400грн.

Embroidered dress "Flower Breeze"

Breeze blows slowly and warmly. It also changes the mood and direction twice a day. Our embroidered ..

5 200грн.

Embroidered dress "Ancestors’ Energy" ("Enerhiia predkiv")

In grandmothers’ chests there are not just circles, rhombus, branches and spirals, these are unique ..

4 800грн.

Embroidered dress " Eternal love " ("Vichna liubov")

Light, lace, blooming embroidered dress. Appears in life spontaneously, but remains for life as eter..

5 800грн.

Embroidered dress "Free Bird" ("Vil’na ptakha")

This delicate green embroidered dress awakens you to life. The embroidery elements symbolize strengt..

4 800грн.

Embroidered dress "Bright Sun"

This embroidered dress, like every woman, is special. And since the yellow color symbolizes joy, the..

5 000грн.

Embroidered dress "Pink Dream"

Every woman dreams of something. If you wear this embroidered dress, you will feel that in it you ar..

4 800грн.

Embroidered dress "Two colors"

Crosses on an orange and black velvet embroidered dress ... The words are superfluous. Just try on a..

5 600грн.

Embroidered suit "True Spring"

In the woman’s soul spring can occur at any time of the year: with flowers, birds singing, good mood..

2 800грн.

Embroidered shirt "Office Style"

Embroidered crosses on burgundy velvet look beautiful, comfortable and stylish. This embroidered shi..

1 800грн.